Onaya is a celebration of womanhood. It is inspired from the unique qualities that every woman possesses, which sets her apart and makes her special. At Onaya, every look is a tribute to the various, powerful avatars that a woman takes on during her journey - the mother, the entrepreneur, the ideator, the manager, the companion, and most importantly - the self - ever so rare, ever so extra-ordinary. At Onaya, our enthusiasm to embrace and empower womanhood is guided by our values - a four-pillared pathway to virtuous, creative excellence.

At Onaya, our talented weavers create hundreds of unique ensemle every day. Our meticulous detailing and eye for flawless perfection, paired with our sincerity and dedication to procure the highest-quality fabrics, and stitch them into carefully-crafted cuts and patterns - sets us apart and makes us veterans in the industry. We don't just design apparel - we deliver an experience, where we celebrate YOU together.

We, at Onaya, believe that for an organisation to prosper in its true sense, it should work towards the greater good, and build an institution where the purpose surpasses profits. Therefore, we work to empower women - whether it is through delivering utmost customer satisfaction to our clients, or providing employment opportunities to our workers. Our operations are embedded in a framework that ensures minimum wastage, and we enhance our quality of work life by building a setup in the heart of nature - surrounded by lush green vibrance.


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  • Designing
  • Stiching

Payment Methods

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Onaya Fashions Pvt. Ltd. 19, Canal South Road, SDF-2, Block-B, 4th Floor Garment Park, Paridhan, Kolkata – 700 015, 19, Canal South Road, SDF-2, Block-B, 4th Floor Garment Park, Paridhan, Kolkata , 700015

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